How Corporations Can Create and Maintain Brand Integrity?

How Corporations Can Create and Maintain Brand Integrity?

Maintaining brand integrity is vital to any organization. Both big and small corporations should focus on brand integrity. If your company has strong brand integrity, people will gravitate towards your company like ants to honey. It will make your products and services seem valuable and desirable.

In this post, you will learn about what exactly brand integrity is, and how you can maintain it to ensure positive customer experience.

What is Brand Integrity?

Philip Kotler defined brand integrity in his book, Rethinking Marketing, as fulfilling what has been claimed through positioning and differentiation. In other words, brand integrity simply means saying what you do and doing what you say. It is about building and maintaining trust with the customers.

Prospective customers look for brand integrity when shopping for goods and services. When people go to KFC or McDonalds, they expect quality food that tastes the same at all franchise locations. By the same measure, consumers expect Toyota or Samsung to blend innovation with reliability and affordability.

Now that you know what  brand integrity is, let’s find out how to create and maintain brand integrity.

1. Ensure Consistency

To create brand integrity, companies should execute a brand strategy ensuring consistency across all networks. The pricing, appearance, experience, and services should be the same across multiple locations. Consistency should be maintained across both internal and external operations. Communication between employees and with the customers should also have unified brand identity.

A consistent brand message both within and outside the organization will help build recognition and trust that results in improved brand integrity.


2. Humanize the Brand

Humanizing the brand refers to showing empathy and concern for the pain points of customers. A company can empathize simply by stating that it understands and shares the problems of its customers. It’s important to build the brand around the customers instead of the other way around. This will result in creating a more enduring brand legacy satisfying customers through generations. Prime examples of companies that have built and maintained brand integrity for decades through a customer-centered approach include Nike, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, and Toyota.

3. Consistently Fulfill the Promise

As long as your company is able to deliver on its promise, customers will continue to remain loyal to your products or services. And the moment it starts to fall behind its promise, customers will desert the company.

Maintaining brand integrity is about delivering a consistent brand experience across multiple points while maintaining a core offering. The keyword here is consistency. Your company needs to be consistent with the message, marketing, and actual delivery. When executed correctly, it can result in maintaining a strong connection with the customers and maintain a market leadership position.




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