The role of divorce Solicitors in Guildford and how they can meet the needs of their clients

The role of divorce Solicitors in Guildford and how they can meet the needs of their clients

No bride or groom enters into marriage on their wedding day expecting it to end at some point in the future, as they enter that day full of hopes and dreams for the success of the marriage and in the belief, they have found their one true love and soul mate. The reality is that in the UK thirty-three percent of marriages end, with the highest rate of marriage ending being amongst people in the thirty to forty age brackets.

When a marriage is breaking down it is important to understand the legal process and where someone can turn should they need help and advice. By looking at the services offered by divorce solicitors in Guildford one can start to understand the complexities involved in the ending of a marriage.

It is also important to note that assigning blame for a marriage breaking down to either party involved never helps and feeling guilty for the break-down should be avoided. The reality is that both parties are living in an uncomfortable situation and by ending the marriage allows both parties to move forward to a happier and more fulfilled life.

Representing clients views and needs

The main reason for having divorce solicitors in Guildford is to ensure that the views and needs of their clients are fully represented in the legal process and the courts are able to consider them when going through the process; this is especially important in cases where children are involved or cases with other complications.

It must be noted that in cases where children are involved the main consideration will be given to making certain that their needs are fulfilled, with their best interests being looked at when it comes to which parent they live with, access to the other parent and who is responsible for the expenses associated with the raising of the children.

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The whole point here is conflict resolution via negotiation, when a marriage breaks down, arguments follow about the costs and arrangements going into the future, as they are the issues that need to be resolved to allow each party to move forward. If these issues can be negotiated in a reasonable manner before the final dissolution of the marriage, it will mean that all parties involved are fully aware of their obligations, this can create a stabilising factor that can be useful where children are involved in the process. You could make use of this Divorce Timeline Uk to learn about the various processes involved.

Moving forward to a happier place in life

The one thing that should be recognised is that people fall in and out of love with each other all the time, it is just a fact of life and should not be treated as a negative idea. If someone is living in a relationship or marriage where they are unhappy, for whatever reason, they should be allowed a mechanism that helps to leave the relationship and changes their life for the better, without fear of reprisal.

There is no need for anyone to stay in an unhappy marriage while living in the UK in the twenty-first century, the main purpose of divorce law is to allow those who need to leave an unhappy situation to do so.

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