Top things to look for when picking a solicitor

Top things to look for when picking a solicitor

In today’s society, it is practically impossible to be free from the legal sector.

Regardless of whether you need help with an employment disagreement, probate law, or an issue with your family, at some point in your life, you will have to seek out a professional law practice like Eatons Solicitors who can provide you with the relevant help and advice to help with your legal case.

Solicitors are legal experts, who are required to have attended law school and are registered and monitored by the Legal Society. Many solicitors are trained in one specific area of the law and typically work in a firm with other legal experts, representing different specialities.

Choosing a solicitor

If you live in a major city, like London, you will probably walk past a solicitor’s firm every day. However, unlike any other shopping for a service, local is not always better.

There are a few key things to look out for when picking a solicitor to help you navigate through legal issues.


It may sound obvious, but it is astonishing how often people overlook qualification when picking out a legal expert. Some solicitors will have more experience, higher levels of academic and legal knowledge and may possess additional training in the very area you require help with. Any solicitors should be happy to provide you with their staff training certificates and expertise.


If you are in the early stages of picking a solicitor, there are some obvious indicators that will help you decide. Are they easy to reach? Do they reply promptly to emails and phone calls? There is nothing more frustrating than waiting around for your phone to ring when expecting legal advice, keeping customers waiting for extended periods is also incredibly unprofessional.

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Once again, this may sound like an obvious thing to look for with any purchased service but with solicitors, it is key that they are always open and honest with you. This includes providing you with honest, unbiased legal advice and being realistic about timescales. Incidentally, something is wrong if a solicitor’s firm does not discuss fees with you as part of your initial meeting.

Value for money

Have you found a ‘too good to be true’ solicitor, offering you incredible service for a low fee?  Chances are, you haven’t. Many solicitors use such advertising strategies to lure in clients and then create additional costs as you move forward with your legal process. They are a business and need to make money too. Shop around and compare prices of solicitors, in this field, cheap never equates to better service.

Clear communication

A good solicitor should be able to break down legal jargon and provide you with regular updates of how your legal process is going. This will help you recognise any issues that are arising sooner rather than later and thus, you will be able to solve them promptly.

The key point is to ensure that your solicitor knows what they are doing, you wouldn’t go to a baker to mend a fence, so be sure to pick an experienced, competent solicitor.

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